To achieve our Vision, we identified these strategic path:

Sounding the alarm bell on, and exposing, the magnitude of neglect and ills suffered by African women; being the voice for the voiceless and helpless African woman on the one hand and offering a platform for her to reach out and be heard.

Eliminating all vestiges of gender inequality and soliciting support for the proper education of the girl child so she could contribute her quota of talents, expertise, and eccentricities to the overall development of her continent Africa by improving the enabling institutions and environments.

Poverty eradication and reducing the spread of maternal diseases because as EXILED (uninformed) women, they will remain at higher risk of poverty, maternal mortality, child mortality, HIV/ AIDS, rape, drug abuse and other forms of violence and vices.

Continuous improvement of the mental and social status of the African woman; providing her with capacity to function and contribute to economic, social and political development of her society with inter-generational benefits that stabilizes the future.

Enhancing and enforcing the reforms of State laws, government policies, work place rules and regulations that limits rights and opportunities of women; to identify, support, promote, applaud and award, policies, institutions and agencies of governments, organizations and individuals that promote and support the dignity and right of place of the woman.