It is also very sad to note that in this 21st century, women in Africa are still compelled into marital unions outside of their choices as they as still being seen as commodities that are meant for the highest bidder at the pleasure of whoever has authority over them. Her personal feelings are relegated. Love has no role in this regard.

Little is exposed of the unsuspecting teenage girls that are exported across various parts of Africa and even beyond just for the sole aim to sell their bodies to fend for their families.

Nothing is being done by the society at large to curtail the most recent and fast growing trend of baby factories where innocent teenagers are recruited and induced to get pregnant by men they hardly even know and the fruit of such pregnancies separated from their mothers and sold off to families with child bearing issues at high prices while all the young mother gets in return is just a roof over her head and food to keep her strong enough for the next regime of conception.

Forced Child Marriage and Labour

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