Till date, some positions are still seen as exclusively for the men. This trend has hindered not a few women from pursuing their dreams in the areas so designated as the preclusive reserve of the male folk. As a result, the natural deposits in such amazons are never exploited nor explored and the society never benefit from such reservoir of nature. Across board in virtually all disciplines and professions, women in Africa don’t aspire beyond a certain level. Certain jobs titles and assignments are still for “for men only”.

Certain positions and operations are never opened to the women in military services irrespective of their individual brilliance or bravery. They are forever meant to watch while their male counterparts occupy the commanding positions. It is sad to note that whereas her counterparts in other climes are making positive waves in politics and virtually all spheres of human endeavors, the odds against the African woman politically as in other pursuits are still very high.

Women need to be in the corridors of power and politics so that they can talk about the issues that affect and impact them.

Workplace/Profession Gender Inequality

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